This weekend Martin, Julen and Eva went to MaDream event, organizad by Walkinn Company, from LEINN Madrid. There we had the chance to learn from Experts like Anxo Perez and also to participate in a 24H birthgiving for IBM Company. This weekend has been full of Business opportunities for Kibber!

Anxo Perez is the creator of 8Belts (ocho belts, not eight belts) a method to learn Chinese in a different way, he says that with this method we are able to learn basic Chinese (just talking, not writing) in 6 months. He was amazing because he tell us a lot about his trajectory, first football player, then musician, interpreter for the government of USA and then for Obama, when he won the elections. After that he was interpreter in F1, also he has been collaborating on doing a movie and he has studied a master paid with the money that he was getting from playing the piano. After that he has been 5 years investigating how can we take the 20% of the Chinese that we use the 80% of the times, with that he developed 8belts, that is having a lot of success. I hope not forgetting anything! Just mention Anxo and say thank you for him because he open the opportunity for LEINNers to sell his marvelous product. (

There was a lot of hard work by our Kibber members. After taking notes about the challenge and have clear the question, “How can we improve our software for giving an unconventional use?” The hard work was starting. The dynamics were, first investigation of the software, then a Brainstorm to get new and fresh ideas! In that moment Asier, one of the people that leaved Kibber in summer, came to join us in the challenge. It was great to have new ideas from outside! Then the night was over us but we were still working till 03:30 a.m. At 8:00 in the morning we keep on working on the challenge in VIPS cafeteria, getting energy for the rest of the day! The work was quite intense, the proposal for IBM was getting form and we were running out time!


Finally we presented our results to IBM and despite not wining we all agree that the work and the team spirit was great and the movement of the Kibber members was amazing!



Here you have a resume of the weekend thanks to Martin Beitia! Amazing job!





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