Good news and goals to reach before San Francisco

This week there have been quite good news in Kibber that they deserve a space in our blog. Moreover, we have been talking with Lemon and Kmon teams to know how they are doing in Finland and tell a little bit of how we manage the two months spent there.

First of all, congratulate Play This Way team, because after months of hard work, they are finally seeing results, they have achieved 3 workshops in February to IVAP company, that collaborates with the Basque Government. Keep on rocking guys!

Regarding to GAZE, this year, luckily one member of Kibber, Julen Arrizabalaga, has been selected to take part in this initiative within one UPV student and one Tecnun student. Take advantage of this opportunity and learn as much as you can!

Regarding to San Francisco visits, Noanean organizes some of them, but unfortunately all the team can’t go to all the visits… 😦 During Tuesday’s Training Session, we had to decide two people from Kibber that will go to Catapult Desing ( ), and after being having dialogue about who are the most appropriate ones, we finally decided to send… Martin Beitia and Elena Rodríguez! Share the knowledge you’ll get in the visit!

After the Training Session, Bárbara and Julen, went to visit Pio Aguirre, International Promotion responsible of Caja Laboral-Euskadiko Kutxa. They want to create a way of funding MTA projects, and they get a lot of inspiration and knowledge from Pío. Thank you a lot!

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This Thursday, in Service Design lesson, we receive an amazing Visual Thinking workshop by Irune and Olatz. We start understanding the basic tools and concepts of VT and we wind up devising different services about farewells. Really interesting and practical for our projects.

Finally, we want to convey to you that Kibber has taken the commitment of earning 700€  each member (7.700€ as Kibber) and arrive to 24 book-points each of us before San Francisco trip.

Come on Kibberians, we can do it!


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